Available on iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, and Linux!

Available on iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, and Linux!

Pixel Pig Deluxe is a peg-popping arcade game where you play a cute piggy charged with gobbling fruit and blasting your way to earn medals at Porcine University.


Full Campaign

Over 100 levels and three difficulty modes makes this a challenging and fun game for all ages and all skill levels.


Two Pigs to Play


Pick to begin your adventure with either Pica Pig or Pixel Pig. Each has their own costumes and storyline.



In the spirit of pachinko, hit as many pegs as you can, before your pig runs out of gas and plummets to the mud bed below.


Upgrade System


A full upgrade system for each piggy. As you earn points, spend them to increase Rotundity, Tilt Sensitivity, and Gas Efficiency.


10 costumes and accessories for each pig! Customize your character for a fresh look or to maximize your favorite stats. New medals earn new stars which can be spent on costume upgrades.

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