Notable Game Kickstarters: March 31st, 2018

(Almost) every Saturday we review all Kickstarter campaigns in the "Games" category in the next two weeks. Any we think are notable for some reason are curated here. This is written from the perspective of people looking to buy games and game accessories that offer interesting mechanics or ideas. We prefer heavy strategy games, miniature-heavy games, and games with real-time mechanics as opposed to party games, children's games, or light strategy games.

We Backed

Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is.  These are the campaigns we backed in this batch.

That's pretty cool right?

That's pretty cool right?

Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce

Secret Unknown Stuff is a somewhat low-budget sci-fi co-op dungeon crawler with a neat multi-layer board. What really attracts us to this game are the wacky miniatures and strange play area. We backed their original launch as well.


We can't wait to take turns playing as Snippy.

Baby Bestiary: Reprint + Digital Goodies

Treant sapling!

Treant sapling!

This looks like a really fun source book that covers a huge number of D&D and mythological monsters. This is ideal for any D&D fan's library, but the 5th edition rules mean you can actually introduce the baby monsters into play.

Board Game Campaigns

Castles of Caleira


Castles of Caleira is a pretty neat micro game that's like Love Letter, but has a lot more depth. We played this on Tabeltopia, and it's a solid game. The price is right, the art is great, but this Kickstarter just doesn't look like it's going to make it across the finish line.




Heroes of Stalingrad

heroes of stalingrad.png

This looks like a really fun quick, tactical war game. The units are self-contained square-shaped tiles that contain all of the statistics. The game uses the "Heroes" system which we haven't played yet, but the Stalingrad setting is a lot more interesting than the more generic Normandy setting in the game's predecessor, Heroes of Normandie.



Generally these PVP skirmish games don't do very well on Kickstarter, but this one looks promising with some great character design and interesting looking concepts break it a bit out of the "Magic the Gathering on a board" mold.


This game is a Worker Placement free for all. Players try to corrupt opponents workers, and invest workers in future payouts in the name of scoring the most VP as buildings in the kingdom are erected. This is by the people who made Raiders of the North Sea (BGG 7.8, #155 All-Time).

From a Kickstarter Creator perspective, this game managed to raise almost $300,000 with no FOMO, and no stre

Pacific Rim: Extinction - FOMO of the WEEK

Although scoring a Cherno might be nice.

Although scoring a Cherno might be nice.

The small River Horse publisher continues to manage to score big IPs. This one looks much better than Highlander, which ended only a month ago (and only raised 1/5 of what this raised.)  They have previously created a poorly-reviewed adaptation of Jim Henson's Labyrinth(BGG 5.33). Although the miniatures in Labyrinth don't look too shabby.

As much as we'd like a deeper Kaiju game than King of Tokyo, I don't think we're willing to take a chance on River Horse.

Pacific Rim.png

RPG-Related Campaigns

Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

Halfling Party.jpg

For old-school RPG fans like those at SGL, this is a really cool campaign that sees the revival of the old early 80s Grenadier-style miniatures. There are some pretty fantastic pieces in this set, but we're surprised to see such an out-pouring of Kickstarter support from backers for a really dated style of miniature. These miniatures are often found very cheap in lots on ebay (or metal trade at ReaperCon.) 

It probably has something to do with Stranger Things.



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